Jira and Trello are two project management services/products from the Atlassian product family.

What is Jira?

The tool is used for monitoring and project management. According to Atlassian, “It’s been designed so that anyone on your software team can plan, track, and deliver large software.”

What is Trello?

Trello, on the other hand, is a Kanban-like project management tool (“kanban board”). Trello’s boards, lists, and cards help teams organize tasks in a fun, relaxed, and rewarding way.”


Both a free version and a paid option. Generally, the more you pay, the more users and features you get. Jira pricing is “always free” for up to 10 users, increasing to $7/user/mo for Standard, $14/user/mo for Premium, and “talk to a reseller” Pricing for Enterprise

The cost of Trello with a free plan drops to $9.99/user/month for Business Class and $17.50/user/month for Enterprise
Integration: combining (or connecting) software “parts” into a single system to create an “integrated system”

Trello’s list of third-party integrations (or “power-ups”) is close to 200. They also have “power-ups,” which are additional columns on their boards. Jira offers “thousands of applications and integrations” in the Atlassian Marketplace, including Trello integration.

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What audience do they serve?

Technically, Jira and Trello can be used by any organization and any team. However, Jira is mostly aimed at larger teams and companies, while smaller teams and companies use Trello. Jira is designed for software teams and software engineers and developers who use it. On the other hand, Trello is targeting its product to the entire user base – not just one software.

Are there alternatives?

There are many different options, and we (surprise) use monday.com!

monday.com Work OS combines the best of Jira and Trello by allowing users to integrate team projects online.

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