Never miss a beat in your sales pipeline by integrating your Gmail and CRM. To help you decide the best configuration for your needs, we’ve rounded up the best CRM software with Gmail. offers Gmail integration with its CRM offering a view of the sales pipeline for real-time understanding of the sales process, from follow-up emails to social media engagement. By integrating with Gmail, you can quickly turn any email into an event and organize your emails in Work OS to assign incoming emails.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a viable option for businesses of all sizes looking for a CRM strategy and Gmail integration. Email tracking, contact management, and lead capture models are just a few of the things HubSpot can do for you.

Cost of CRM

Agile is another small business CRM that offers integration with Gmail. It offers features such as marketing authorization, project management, and marketing automation. This makes it an option for businesses that want to manage customer relationship management data quickly and efficiently.


Pipedrive is a CRM option for those who rely on Gmail for marketing processes. It offers sales pipeline ideas, email tracking, and automated follow-up. Seamless integration with Gmail offers features that can help marketers close more deals. One of the best things about Pipedrive is that it is highly customizable, so you can customize it based on your needs.


Zoho is a rich CRM with built-in email, contact management, and pipeline features to keep your business organized in one place. It integrates with popular productivity tools like Google Workspace, so you can easily track your customer communications. Although you have many CRM options, your business needs one that meets its needs. We aim to customize our operating system so you can configure your system for success, including Gmail integration.

How does work as a CRM and Gmail integration? is a CRM solution that easily incorporates with Gmail. Once you’ve linked your account, you’ll be able to pull messages from your email directly into Work OS. Save time by streamlining your sales process, and eliminating redundancy so your customers can focus on serving your customers better.

Integration with Gmail also lets you see important contact information right from your inbox, so you can get things done quickly and efficiently.

Add it to your workflow:

Go to the board you want to add and click “integrate” on the top right screen. Next, select the Gmail banner. From here you can enter your settings.

Customize your workflow to suit your needs

After setting up your instructions, you will be prompted to connect your Gmail account. Just select the account you want to connect and you’re ready to set up your sales process.

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Every [TIME PERIOD], if [STATUS] IS [Item], send a message to [ONE PERIOD]
  • When an email is received from [SINGLE], create an item in [GROUP]
  • When the column changes, message [ONE person]
  • When a new item is created, send a message to [ONE person] makes this integration easy by getting you started with “reset instructions”. This means that you can customize it to meet your email integration needs and automation.

By partnering with Platinum Partner Syscor, you can rest assured knowing that your setup will be seamless.