How cool would it be to use Photoshop and get instant feedback? Well, we would like to think that we now have access to your unlimited creativity and are happy to announce a new integration with Adobe Creative Cloud to help you realize your dreams more productively!

From looking at our non-new shoes, there are two tools we use more than ever: (you surprise us) and Adobe Creative Cloud.

We love Adobe for:

  • Photoshop! Need we say more?
  • Their 20+ desktop and mobile apps for photography, design, video, web, UX, and more!
  • Store any type of file imaginable in Creative Cloud.
  • Their collection of over 60,000 free images, vectors, and videos.

    For us, works as a resource for our workflow.

    This means we boards for items like:

  • Treat everyone individually and strengthen our relationships and communication
  • Gain insight into our team’s work and improve workflow efficiency
  • Keep us organized with automatic reminders of upcoming deadlines
  • Increase transparency by setting a timeline for everyone involved and keeping everyone in the loop
  • Improve our non-standard work so we can focus on the work that makes an impact

So now we’re combining the best of both worlds (and apps)! Now you can create new content on directly from Adobe Creative Cloud to speed up your design process!

For the first time, thousands of organizations using and Adobe will be able to optimize their work and manage all projects directly through Adobe Creative Cloud products. Good, huh?

You will now be able to:

  • See updates and previews
  • Quickly update your column and service status directly in your Cloud app
  • Tag any member from directly through Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Quick access to project files
  • Get instant feedback without switching between devices
  • Get notified for every step or milestone in your team’s creative process

This new integration will mean that you will no longer lose your train of thought when switching between platforms, and you will be able to sync your creative work and calendar so that they work together, not against each other.

Keeping the project running smoothly is just as important as making sure everything is planned well from the start. To make this possible, you can also receive Adobe Creative Cloud notifications on everything on your board to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

We think it’s pretty cool, and we hope you do too!

Need help setting up? By partnering with Platinum Partner Syscor, you can rest assured knowing that your setup will be seamless.