Unfortunately, as with most things in this world, there is no right answer.

For some companies, Scrum will be the obvious choice, while others will do better with PMBOK. For many people, the best option is to implement both methods in different areas.

Likewise, you may decide to earn two certifications over time.


PMBOK for professional or ongoing work

If you know the job inside and out, you don’t need a flexible approach.

A company that delivers written or creative content 100 times to a customer regularly will see a clear benefit in creating a Scrum team. Perhaps not.

For projects that are predictable and predictable, using the PMBOK framework within your existing team structure may be your best bet. The PMBOK Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a good place to start.

Breaking down your work into a WBS will help you manage the various moving parts of a project while you see how they are all connected. You can use our Project WBS template to effectively manage human resources and keep projects on schedule.

Scrum for new and unpredictable projects

But working within the confines of a traditional workflow may not always be the best option. For new projects, such as developing a new product targeted at a new vertical, the Scrum process is perfect.

A good place to start is to find a reasonable product owner. This can be a key customer or someone who has deep knowledge of your customers.

For example, if you are developing software for vendors, your sales manager may be a good product owner in Scrum. Product vision and product back-end focus on functionality, not technology or features. So a non-technical person can still highlight user stories (attributes from the user’s perspective). Screenshot of Monday Product Backlog Template

This will help you assess the scope of the project and establish a complete Scrum team with all the skills needed to complete it.

Agile workflows allow you to work and adapt according to the market and customers. Even without experience in marketing, you can create new products that customers want.

Check out our comprehensive guide to the Scrum process or use our Scrum plan template to get started.


Having a certification in Scrum or PMBOK are two great career opportunities depending on your situation.

It all depends on where you want to be in the future. Templates monday.com makes it easy to test any project management template in your current business.