Technology adoption can take a long time depending on the learning curve and company culture. People’s attitudes also play a big role. It doesn’t matter if you get one of the three best project solutions if you fail to use them properly.

When choosing the best platform, keep in mind that not only the features of the platform should match your needs, but also the company’s culture. Some companies don’t like to have project managers, for example. So expect setbacks at first.

Main features of

Prioritizes people management

Most project management solutions don’t allow you to manage people per group. They focus only on the tasks themselves. They provide a top-down view of work, sub-work and background. People are considered common resources who will follow the work. They cannot see or reach. Also, traditional applications require you to manage the project management platform itself by updating tasks, subtasks and dependencies. As a result, traditional project management tools are dying.

An intuitive user interface

So what good is a tool when people don’t like using it? To be able to use the tool effectively and regularly, you have to enjoy using it. This is in addition to the tools that should help the person achieve their true goals. This is the first metric.

However, user-friendliness and ease of use come second. The work of is one of the best work management platforms. Also, it stores many useful features of the app. The best thing about the dashboard is that it is customizable. People have their viewing preferences. Some like Gantt charts or timeline-based tracking charts. Others prefer different types of charts. In the main screen, you can choose to show each project board you created using different visual tools. You can choose between a Kanban-style view and a map.

Manage your workload easily

At, you can organize tasks into groups. Then you can assign each task to one person in your team or you can assign a group to a task (or a motivation group). The most interesting thing about these groups and functions (or pulses) is that you can add other columns.

You start by having something in a horizontal bar. Then you can add the necessary columns. There are many types of columns and columns on Some are as simple as checkboxes or hyperlinks.

Others are very unique, such as maps, progress monitoring, timelines + and even phones among many others. This “phone” feature allows you to call your contacts directly from! How good is it?


As mentioned, team members can update and comment on any project. They can run Q&A sessions that document the knowledge train generated for each topic. These features help increase communication between members or groups. Many users can use the file-sharing features and hyperlinks to view and edit important files. However,’s communication and collaboration do not end there. Other features make working with other users easier and more fun.

Blending and automation

Of course, itself is limited in some ways. The most obvious thing is that it lacks word processing, e-commerce systems, and many other applications. You can’t interact with other useful functions in it. However, supports them by seamlessly integrating with other apps.

Reports and reviews offers many different ideas, such as different charts that you can use to analyze and display data for analysis.

For example, you can analyze the contract size and performance of your sales team. For this, you need to use the feature combination as a series column in your view options. Then you review the data you want to include in your report and gives you the latest news of what you need. Also, when you choose an idea like a pie chart, Gantt, or a timeline, among others, it doesn’t just give you a great vision. You can also export them to an Excel file if you need a text report for storage or presentation.

Good support

One important factor for this is accessibility. Not in terms of user interface or ergonomics. But it’s about pricing and other support measures. With these, becomes an undisputed top product that becomes the go-to platform for many groups across different functions.