South African tech company Syscor joins forces with Gap cover pioneer Ambledown to power automation.

Ambledown Financial Services, a leading provider of Gap cover in South Africa, has chosen Syscor as their implementation partner to improve cost efficiencies and service levels to their clients.

In today’s competitive market environment, businesses need every advantage they can get to stay ahead of the competition – and that includes efficient use of technology solutions like

Syscor is excited to announce that one such business, South African-based Ambledown, has chosen to use them as their automation partner.

Syscor joins forces with Gap cover pioneer Ambledown

Ambledown provides Gap cover insurance – an insurance product providing cover for you and your immediate family for the shortfall (Gap) resulting from any Medical Practitioner charging above the Medical Scheme Tariff for in-hospital surgical procedures and certain out-of-hospital procedures.

Ambledown provides cost-effective administration services to approximately 965 000 lives, along all their different product lines! With so many people relying on them for vital access to healthcare services and life cover, it’s crucial that they operate as efficiently as possible and with automating their processes they will now be able to do just that.

“We chose because of its user-friendly interface and powerful automation features. To ensure efficient technology adoption, we partnered with Syscor in delivering, the build, integration and implementation of across our business. We then launched the platform through an on-premise Go Live event,” said Grant Harling, Operations Executive of Ambledown.

Syscor joins forces with Gap cover pioneer Ambledown

“At the event, our staff were trained on and are eager to learn more about the innovative solution that offers.

“We have scheduled future training sessions that will go into even more detail on the custom workflows that have been built for Ambledown using’s powerful automation capabilities,” said Kay Leigh Barnabas, Engineer Lead of

“It’s part of our commitment to building lasting partnerships with our clients, ensuring that they have the support that they need every step of the way,” adds Gary Crookes, Chief Operating Officer at Syscor.

“ is very user-friendly with great out-of-the-box functionality,” said Grant Harling. “The ability to easily automate our processes will save us time and money while improving our service levels to our clients.”

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from this innovative company!

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