has taken note of your comments about emails and has made significant changes to its email functionality. This will ensure that you have the seamless experience you deserve. Let’s look at the changes that have brought it to life.

The email editor is open while it is working

The Compose Now window means you can seamlessly scroll through your timeline for quick reference to previous emails, keeping everything in place without closing the email. you are in it.

New answers appear chronologically in your timeline

Every time you get a response, it will appear as its item on top of your timeline, helping you see everything in its correct timeline. Email replies will be displayed in the thread view but not in separate boxes. Your emails will also be neatly separated by month for easy viewing.

Split and drop long emails

You can easily read emails by expanding and collapsing long emails and viewing all threads on a large map in one place.

Add and remove recipients to reply

You can now add and remove recipients from email replies by Ccing and Bccing them as you like, to make sure no one is left hanging.

Improved event card experience

Your event cards will now appear larger so you can see more than one line of their content – so you’ll see more text and images, and be able to read more of what you like. Current events are also classified as separate events by month in the timeline.

Add a name to the event

Invite different people to all your events such as calls, meetings, notes, etc. to quickly wrap them up so everyone is on the same page.

Watch out for upcoming updates that include:

Reorganizing your composer window: Drag-and-resize to make the composer as big or small as you want. Sharing email templates within accounts: Easily share email templates among account members so everyone can save time on repetitive emails.

Sync your email history: retrieve a history of email messages that your contacts interacted with before connecting to your email, so you can reference past interactions with customers.