The Syscor team has grown, allowing us to discover automation and digital transformation from a new perspective while further enhancing the stable foundation we’ve already built within our organisation.

As our new COO, Gary is looking forward to not only bettering himself and becoming a leader that his team can look up to, but also assisting Syscor as a whole in becoming the best possible version of itself.

“Besides that, I’m very excited about working on inventions in the AI and RPA space and seeing our customers’ lives measurably improved.”

Being a part of the Syscor team is an opportunity to lead and create in an exciting industry.

Gary joined Syscor for a few reasons that include being part of a team with leadership that you can depend on and trust, as well as the opportunity to leverage African advantage in a global space.

Given that Syscor just announced Platinum Partner status with, it’s safe to say that his reasoning is well and truly justified.

“This is big, being the only platinum partner on the African continent is a testament to the great team at Syscor. The instant and elite positioning this title provides to the business when meeting new clients is valuable. It’s something we need to work hard to maintain. An incredible honour.”

I wish everyone knew how much automation would improve organisation and communication between people.

Automation is changing the world by increasing the collaborative power of humans and artificial intelligence. This is why Syscor’s project methodology is agile, client-oriented and as automated as possible.

“We remain flexible whilst being well structured, ever-evolving and very systematised.”

Train your people well enough so they can leave, and treat them well enough so they will stay. 

Gary describes Syscor’s engineering culture as one of, openness and honesty, inquisitiveness, helpfulness, excellence, service orientation, 150% effort, cutting-edge methodologies and striving for being the best.

This means that when they are looking to expand their team, they are looking for people who are continuously learning, have integrity and want to grow while striving to deliver extra value.