Project management tools assist teams in planning, organizing, and managing their resources for maximum results. They also act as a collaboration tool because they help small teams and even keep companies in sync with important tasks such as project planning, task management, and resource management.

Project management applications make it easy to manage and update to-do lists. Industry-wide teams need tools to plan and execute work in one place, collaborate and communicate, create and store critical documents, monitor productivity regularly, and more.

So why does your business need a project management tool? In a study on, we found that …

Many employees work from home

During COVID-19, many companies needed new ways to help employees work together in response to increased working distance. Regardless of their location, PM tools will continue to keep everyone synchronized and productive and provide digital solutions for traditional project management tools such as Gantt charts.

More than 50% of the projects failed

More than half of all projects fail because they do not meet the initial requirements. Companies do not meet the traditional key performance indicators of time, scale, and budget and waste important resources. This may be because project management tools are not used to properly plan, monitor, and measure the progress of the project.

Project managers need flexibility

72% of project managers want more flexibility in their work. With its own project management tool, any organization can create workflows that meet its specific needs. For example, allows each team member on the board to apply filters and create their own views for their own work without disturbing others.

PMs have three challenges

The 3 main challenges for project professionals include trying to deliver more projects at once, lack of skills for project professionals, and poor resource management. Many of them have the potential to improve with a project management tool, whether it is optimizing the recruitment process, prioritizing projects, or accurately monitoring resource use.

Many companies value PM

More than half of the organizations surveyed remain dissatisfied with the progress and growth of their project management. This dissatisfaction has increased since 2016 and reflects the growing recognition of PM. We also saw several companies trying to meet this need, such as Zoho Projects, Wrike, and Asana. However, is a working OS, making it the primary project management tool. 

The PMO is still growing

89% of organizations now have a Project Management Office (PMO), which supports their portfolios and increases accountability. Almost a quarter of them have been built in the last two years. Almost a quarter of them have been built in the last two years. PMOs are equally good at the tools used to manage them and in all of these features – a working OS can help.

What makes this software unique? surveyed people in many industries and professions to find out the key features of the project management tool. We found this:

  • 11.4% of project investments were wasted due to poor performance
  • 20% mark project dashboards as required
  • 32% want the board to be displayed as a Kanban board
  • 42% want to improve efficiency
  • 31% consider flexibility and adaptation to be essential for the PM tool


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