By 2022, many companies will move from full-time to some hybrid model of work. This increases the need to have information easily available at home, in the office, or when working remotely.

Because effective knowledge management comes with the right tools, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 tools to look for in knowledge management software.

1. Document management

Having the right documents at the right time can cause or ruin your business. Things are now so fast that you can’t afford to have older versions of a document or waste time emailing things over and over again. You need 24/7 direct, user-friendly access., for example, serves as a fully functional document management solution. It’s cloud-based, so you can access your documents from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. You can annotate documents, attach them to tasks, or restrict access and share them only when needed.

2. Internal knowledge base

Many people today call it a “wiki,” but at its core, it is a knowledge-based tool that acts as a knowledge center and a help center for your employees.

It is always full of internal articles that describe all your methods and processes. Contains links to important shared documents and other related wiki articles. Here you will find SOPs for return assignments, e-mail templates, company letters and notes, and lots of new training documentation for hiring. simplifies the creation and learning of management systems as an internal knowledge base by creating an organizational wiki board. You can use sub-items and columns in files to store all your data and checklists and search the whole thing quickly if you need to get something.

3. Content Management

Content is king for many organizations, and the only way to always create good content is to gather as much information as possible. Content management begins with creating, creating, storing, and publishing content.

An important part of this process is the collection and dissemination of information. Dividing it simply so that it is easy for all parties to understand is challenging.

Monday Docs gives you the ability to create content in your knowledge management system. This will save you time and energy because you do not have to use third-party software and transfer your work to also has several content management templates that make it easy to keep track of content, status, and other related information.

4. Automation

Automation has been a buzzword for decades, and with good reason. It has changed the way companies hire, trade, and manage knowledge.

This is especially useful given that 57% of employees feel burnt at work and 70% prefer to automate routine tasks. Tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are already changing the game in many ways, and knowledge management is no different.

5. Inventory management

Inventory management can be the opposite of traditional knowledge assets, but knowledge of your company’s inventory and purchasing plans is essential.

Knowing which vendors have shortages, delivery delays, or purchasing problems will affect your results. This also applies to tracking your inventory.

Balancing future materials and products that work efficiently means lower storage costs, less inventory or damage, and happier customers. All this with a higher income.

Tracking inventory management at is easy on the right board. You can create custom columns to track details such as product styles, inventory, and more.

You can also set up automation to tell you when stock values ​​fall below a certain threshold, and even send email alerts to your purchase.

6. Collaboration tools

Effective knowledge management is not about hiding as much knowledge as possible from a selected pair – it speaks the word to your team, your customers, your suppliers, and your stakeholders. It’s about doing something with the knowledge you’ve worked so hard to acquire.

7. Project management

There is a good chance that your team will spend a considerable amount of time during the day actively addressing your customers’ requirements.

Maintaining every relationship with the customer is essential to a successful business. But what about the growth of your business? How about actively working on initiatives that will bring more value to your customers and stakeholders?

This is where project management comes in.

It requires a goal, and creating and managing your internal projects is an important part of this. again offers a solution. Between task management and timeline tracking features, you have everything you need to ensure that your projects have a complete vision and a better chance of success. As you can see, knowledge management software is versatile and can provide a variety of solutions if you choose the right provider.

If your team doesn’t work together, then your organization isn’t working well, which means you’re wasting resources and losing opportunities.

The solution is simple. You need knowledge management software. But more than that, you need a complete working OS that will meet your knowledge management requirements and more.


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