Team management is the ability of a manager to implement and coordinate a team to achieve its tasks and common goals. Team management usually involves a manager, a team, communication skills, an active listener, goal setting, creating a positive culture, and often project management software to help everyone stay efficient and organized.

Effective team management skills are important because they help employees feel more productive and motivated. Here are a few tips.

1. Communicate directly and clearly

Example of a project communication template

Employees are afraid of misunderstandings because it causes confusion and stress. In 2019, 80% of U.S. workers surveyed said they were experiencing stress due to inefficient or poor business communication.

Effective communication skills ensure clarity of tasks, deadlines, and goals of the entire team. This transparency allows the team to focus on their productivity and collaboration. On the other hand, poor digital communication management for teams reduces employee morale and productivity. This has a negative impact on customer satisfaction and the result.

A workplace platform such as can help managers and team members communicate better. For example, a manager can use a project communication plan for meetings, tasks, and progress assessments. With this platform, managers can assign tasks to team members and track their progress at each stage. 

2. Provide a clear vision

In a hypercontext study, most managers stated that keeping their team on track to achieve goals is an important part of their role.

However, managers who do not play balls cannot be sure that their employees are going in the right direction.

Managers are always guided to their original goals by their daily work and problem solving, large and small.

Creating a clear vision that emphasizes the short-term and long-term goals for projects, teams, and the organization as a whole is the best way for managers and employees to focus. Administrators can use group management software, such as the OKR (Goals and Key Results) template on, to create lists and track goals. Templates help keep attention while directing teams to achieve their goals.

3. Support group collaboration

Employees who say they feel part of the team are 2.3 times more likely to get involved.

Effective collaboration is essential for teams to get things together, on time and without conflict. Administrators can rely on collaboration software to improve collaboration. The use of technology to manage workflows and collaboration projects is almost expected; Most employees of Millennials (85%) and Gen Z (79%) say they want their immediate managers to solve a technological problem, and this includes all the tools needed to complete tasks and projects.

Platforms with custom project tracking templates can help administrators set up projects. Anyone involved in the project can maintain tasks, meet deadlines and make changes immediately. For example, if you run your site on a hosting service such as WordPress, your team can use a dedicated management platform to assign different tasks, notify everyone of changes and updates, and remain responsible for the team’s KPIs.

This transparent approach also allows employees to get feedback and report any issues immediately. 

4. Delegate carefully

The manager is expected to assign tasks to employees based on skills, experience, and abilities. They must believe that each member of the team can complete the assigned tasks on time.

Ideally, each team member should have the same job.

But even good managers can fight delegation. 21% of employees feel “on average” overwhelmed by their work.

A Gallup survey found that “unmanageable workload” was the second leading cause of burnout.

How do managers ensure that they respect individual abilities?

Get an overview of the assigned tasks for each team member and their deadlines.

The task management template helps managers delegate tasks by quickly identifying team members’ abilities and making changes to reduce cumbersome tasks.


5. Your helpful feedback and recognition

Constructive meetings that provide feedback to employees and managers provide insight into areas that need to be improved. It provides employees with an explanation of where they stand and where they are going.

In Reflective Research, 92% of employees surveyed said they wanted more than an annual performance appraisal. 72% of respondents prefer at least a monthly review.

If employees provide feedback, listen to what they are saying and, if possible, do so. The changes inspired by these sessions will help employees, managers and the team perform better and build trust.

Recognizing the efforts and achievements of team members has a huge impact on employee morale, while a lack of recognition can lead to burnout.

A recent study states that reducing recognition and acceptance increases the chance of burnout by 45% and 48%, respectively.

Scheduling feedback meetings while managing many other responsibilities can be challenging. The tool manager can be used to quickly plan and manage feedback using a feedback tracking tool such as the one below.

6. Overcome long-distance working problems

For managers to manage a team remotely, they must identify and resolve issues with hiring and managing virtual team members.

Common problems include planning and poor communication. To overcome these barriers, managers can incorporate all information – from new employees to group activities – into the remote work plan template.

The bottom line

Effective team management helps the entire company more smoothly

Effective team management is essential for the success of a team and organization.

A manager who goes beyond the basics — such as setting goals, delegating tasks, and providing consistent feedback — is more likely to engage employees in working on business goals. Your employees may be talented, but it’s proper team management that guides them in the right approach and helps them succeed.


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