The best productivity apps

It seems like the world is being flooded with apps, especially those related to improved productivity and performance. The idea is to help you create as much as possible and push you to do a whole lot more.

So, on that note, let’s take a look at some of our favourite productivity apps to help you and your team reach new levels of success.

But first, productivity apps in a nutshell

  • Research has found that within a workday, only 2 hours and 53 minutes are productive. When you consider the fact that most workdays average 8 hours, that’s a lot of time lost.
  • When interrupted, it can take up to 25 hours to find your concentration and focus.
  • The average time spent on phones during work hours by Millennials and Gen Z’ers exceeds 10, roughly two hours a day.
  • Productivity apps seek to establish a work-life balance, and in a lot of cases, these apps have succeeded.

Some may argue that these apps are not for everyone and mostly focus on the younger generation. However, that is not the case. Productivity apps are flexible and customisable to meet the needs of your lifestyle. And if one app doesn’t fit the bill, simply delete it and try another one until you find the right fit.

What can a productivity app do?

  • Help you stay focused
  • Plan your week ahead
  • Keeping your inbox at zero
  • Track your progress
  • Keep your notes safe

8 apps you need to try to boost your productivity


You didn’t think we’d skip ourselves, did you? While we’re not exactly a productivity app, we’ve got everything you need to utilize your resources optimally and boost productivity. From task management to communicating with your team and everything in between, what more could you need?

  1. Focus Booster

This productivity app follows the Pomodoro technique that gives users 25 minutes to focus on a task, followed by a 5-minute break. It also helps users track their time and view reports to see your productivity levels.

  1. Calendar

Well, this one is pretty straightforward. It’s a calendar app that syncs all your calendars in one place. It’s essentially a virtual assistant that picks up on your schedule and adapts accordingly.

  1. Forest

In an attempt to keep people off social media all day, this app aims to have users build a forest. For every 30 minutes you ignore your phone, a tree will grow. If you exit the app to do something else, the tree will die. The idea is to build a forest that illustrates your commitment to unplugging.

  1. 1Password

Too many passwords to remember? This app safely stores your passwords and makes it easy to log in to all of your accounts with a simple click.

  1. AnyList

Create and share lists with the click of a button. It is also remotely accessible and even offers users the ability to edit in real-time.

  1. Unf*** Your Habitat

For those who respond better to tough love, Unf*** Your Habitat motivates users to get things done by swearing at them. It helps you get into the habit of getting things done.

  1. If This Then That

Automation at its finest.  It integrates your app, devices and services to work together by using a set of triggers that result in an action.


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