Why is transparency important in project management?

Behind every successful task are checklists, copious amounts of coffee, and a task manager. Compelling task managers are the brain behind every challenge. They make certain that initiatives are delivered on time and with first-rate results.

But whilst professional task managers have skills in task management, most of us manage tasks as a part of our job. We recently surveyed over 1300 professionals, of which 95% stated they manage tasks as a part of their job. However, only 29% of them are task managers by trade.

Project management defined

Project management commonly involves organizing a company’s resources—be it finances, employees, or property. This is done to push a task, one-time event, or an ongoing endeavour to completion. Basically, it includes the initiation, outlining, execution, overseeing, and completion of a project.

Regardless of where the manager comes from, they tend to have very comparable tasks. This includes outlining the project, delegating tasks, and identifying when things are due.

Why is task management important?

Project management helps businesses predict and mitigate risks. it also assists in managing costs, and supplying impressive results.

According to research by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), 90% of respondents say project management is vital (47%) or necessary (43%) to deliver successful tasks and be competitive.
Companies that adhere to distinctive task management processes meet and surpass their goals.

Typically, the project administration lifecycle is broken down into five phases:

  1. Identification: identifying the desires and goals of the project.
  2. Initiation: setting out task deliverables, selecting the relevant stakeholders, and outlining what sources are needed.
  3. Planning: planning out the project timelines and distributing tasks.
  4. Delivery and execution: do the work required and support the project.
  5. Closure and conclusion: assess undertaking successes and setbacks, observe classes discovered for subsequent time.

Our three essential task management competencies

While there are countless competencies that ought to be attributed to successful project managers, there are a few that stand out:

Time management skills

First, having solid time management skills is necessary. To get an undertaking achieved on time, a challenge supervisor needs to be able to accurately estimate how long tasks take to entire and consequently be capable to prioritize accordingly.

Technical skills

Second, technical skills are traits learned or received using or assignment sure bodily or digital tasks. There are many exceptional sorts of technical skills, and specific initiatives remember as special technical needs. However, the more knowledge a project supervisor has of the technical aspects wanted to entire the project, the more correct the manager will be inputting manageable tasks, expectations, and timelines for their team.

Communication skills

Third, a task supervisor needs to have correct conversation skills to articulate effectively what is required from each team member.

The single most vital aspect for task managers is transparency

Harvard Business Review defines transparency broadly, as “the degree to which statistics flows freely inside an organization, among managers and employees, and outward to stakeholders.” Here at monday.com, we define transparency as “making all information—numbers, roadmaps, plans, challenges, and concerns—readily accessible to everybody on your team.”

Companies and team individuals alike can’t reply to extraordinary stakeholders and teammates’ ever-changing requests, work efficiently, or innovate if they aren’t given up to date facts and updates.

Benefits for employees

By being transparent with all employees, they can be more agile, work autonomously, attain better results, and reach their desires faster due to the fact they have access to all the facts they need to succeed.

When records are on hand to everyone, teammates see the larger photo and understand how their work and contributions make a direct impact. People see that their duties rely on – however, beyond that, they can effortlessly pivot and shift if needed. A task’s due date shifted. A team member accomplished a sub-item. All team contributors are informed right away and can avoid redundancies.

Benefits for leaders

But having open communication strategies with all employees not solely positively influences group members but undertaking managers themselves.

When you restrict personnel from gaining get information entry, managers are forced to share only the exact records personnel need to get their work done. As the manager, you’re then the only one who can see if the work they did made affect you or not. The burden is constantly on you to relay the data and adjust the direction of action for each person else on the team. Besides hindering others’ efficiency, it’s exhausting.

Moreover, team leads are a long way likelier to make mistakes when they act on too few records than when they are given extra details, such as with anybody having open get entry to altering wishes and information, the Harvard Business Review states, citing a find out about performed at NASA.

Instead, when all statistics are on hand to everyone, employees can see if their work is successful or not. They’re influenced to make improvements themselves and can regulate – besides heavy oversight – to meet their goals. Your job as a manager is true to make sure that they have all the data and can be aware of it quickly. That’s a lot less difficult and drastically greater rewarding for all events involved.

Even though organizational transparency has many benefits, many leaders nevertheless face up to being obvious because they view records as a supply of electricity they do now not want to supply up or share. It is therefore up to the mission supervisor to ensure that their teams are given get right of entry to techniques that lead to a culture of transparency and accessibility.

Project administration methodologies that expand transparency

  • Waterfall project management: If using the waterfall management methodology, because this project management fashion requires the design for the undertaking to be made upfront and includes the whole scope of the project, being open and obvious with all those worried is key
  • Kanban project management: If you’re looking for an easy and visual way to control your tasks, Kanban can be helpful. Translating to “board” in Japanese, Kanban board is divided into numerous specific columns that characterize tiers in your workflow, and is in truth a greater conceptual assembly line, enabling teams to visually evaluate points of inefficiency. By being transparent, it’ll make the Kanban methodology even extra useful.
  • Agile task management: Agile isn’t solely a methodology but as an alternative a trust system, and one that aligns with transparency and accessibility. The agile methodology understands that uncertainty is a given, and empowers groups to be fantastic flexible, execute their work swiftly, and reply to alternate without any glitches.

Additionally, you must leverage the following practices to help promote transparency on your team:

  • make efforts to understand each of their crew members’ inherent strong points and weaknesses as to allocate work accordingly
  • leverage venture administration software to stay equipped and on-track
  • ensuring that all verbal exchange strains between all group contributors are constantly open to address issues shortly and efficiently
  • grant get right of entry to all updated data to every of the crew members
  • have generic communication sessions or conferences with all tiers of employees

How does task management software fit into high-quality management?

Effective assignment administration depends less and much less on problematic planning mechanisms and more on managing professional relationships and contrasting work processes. With disorderly deadlines, endless deliverables, a slew of co-workers, and a tremendous list of tasks to complete, getting the whole thing geared up in an effortless visual way can make things a complete lot less difficult and greater brazenly handy to all these involved.

As such, customizable Work OS monday.com offers the tools for this new kind of task management. Collaboration across teams, departments, geographies, and hierarchies is made easily available with monday.com’s undertaking administration features.

Whether working internally or with backyard companions using shareable boards, anyone worried in the mission knows where tasks stand in real-time, and what wants to be finished subsequent and when.


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