Let’s stay productive

These days it feels like we’re inundated with productivity apps to assist us in running like well-oiled, efficient machines. But what does productivity truly mean?

Productivity is how much you can contribute, with the assumed goal of producing more. But for many, productivity is distinctly personal and emotional. What are your aspirations? How do you desire to live your life? How can you make life better, easier, and much less stressful?

We rounded up a list of our favourite productivity apps. These apps will assist you to work faster and more efficiently. It also reduces all kinds of pain you weren’t even aware you had in the course of your daily routine.

10 productivity apps to enhance your life

1. If you’re prepared to simplify the way you and your group works

monday.com: Our own productivity app is our work tool of choice. We use it to manage all our work: project management, planning, brainstorming, communication, file sharing, and more. You name it, we use monday for it. We even have 670 boards that we are using to do so.

One of the biggest advantages of monday.com is that it’s completely visual. You can plan out your own workflow and in a single glance, see exactly where matters stand. For us, monday.com is way more than a productivity app; it has absolutely replaced email and reduced the standard number of meetings we have.

2. If it’s time to overcome your email, Instagram, & Candy Crush addiction

Forest: Smartphone addiction is real. Whether you’re at work, cramming, at dinner, spending time with your kids, or even driving, the compulsive desire to check your phone can destroy your focus—not to mention your satisfaction with life.

Forest guarantees to help you “stay focused, be present” with an easy game: open your app and plant a tree. The tree will grow if you don’t use your phone. If you leave the app, your tree will die. Over time you can build a forest, with every tree symbolizing your dedication to unplugging and staying present.

3. If you created a tremendous impenetrable 12-character password…

1Password: This is an easy way to save your passwords and log in to all your websites with a single click. It’s a secure online vault that remembers it all for you—even your bank account details or your alarm code.

4. If running out of toilet paper and milk is the curse of your very existence

AnyList: Grocery shopping is tedious, unavoidable, and endless. AnyList makes it less of a burden. Create and share your grocery list with your spouse or roommates and continue to be in sync any time anyone passes through the store to choose something up.

5. If you’re lazy and revel in a wholesome dose of the F-word

Unf*** Your Habitat: “Terrifying motivation for lazy human beings with untidy homes.” Not for people averse to profanity, Unf*** Your Habitat (UfYH) motivates you to clean, tidy, and save time by yelling and swearing at you.

6. If the solely way you’ll exercise is if any individual truly will pay you to do it

StepBet: A sedentary lifestyle is bad, and it can be tough to discover the motivation and time to work out. StepBet places a different spin on it be part of a group and guess on yourself (typically $40) to stroll a positive variety of steps, 5 days a week, for six weeks.

7. If you have a deadline but want to find out more about something

Pocket: When you discover something you want to view later, simply use Pocket to save it from your browser, email, or social media apps. Pocket keeps all your articles, videos, and pics for when you’re ready, and you don’t need an internet connection to access it.

8. If tapping on your smartphone to order McDonalds is too much work, ugh

Workflow: How many taps does it take to tweet the track you’re listening to? Get directions to the nearest coffee shop? Check the news? Answer: too many. Enter Workflow, which guarantees to help you “spend fewer taps, get more done.” Workflow approves you to combine a bunch of steps throughout all your apps into a single shortcut.

9. If you always get stuck with the bill when visiting with friends

Tricount: They say friendship and cash don’t mix. Make it easier and avoid awkwardness with this cost-splitting app that assists you in calculating costs, sharing expenses, and settling your debts. It even works offline.

10. If you’re surrounded by a mountain of paper and want to take action

Genius Scan: Turn your phone’s digital camera into a fantastic scanner. This app allows you to quickly scan your documents on the go and export them as a JPEG or PDF. It’s in reality as simple as snapping a photo.

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