Apps to make your WFH lifestyle simpler

We’re super excited to be launching seven new apps made for the WFH lifestyle, built entirely using monday apps!

Earlier this year, we announced monday 2.0, a strategic update to our program. monday 2 converted our program into a Work OS and covered the preview of monday apps—the ability for anyone to use custom building blocks to build apps on our platform. We created this framework to open our platform and enable our clients to create integrations, features, and customized apps—built by using them, for them.

Last week, we defined how our powerful team of 80 developers, product managers, and designers got together – remotely – to test out the framework prior to launching it to the public. Well, this week we’re sharing these *amazing* (and we don’t say that easily) apps that are live and geared up for your use.

These apps have a one-of-a-kind spot in our hearts for three reasons:

1. The new apps carry actual value

The new apps have been designed to simplify your WFH experience while growing your productivity and making you smile every step of the way. We recognize that attaining genuine collaboration while working remotely is a struggle. The new WFH apps allow your team to ideate and perform at their best, around the same (virtual) table.

2. The value of the monday Apps framework is clear

The new apps prove the endless flexibility and strength of the framework. It feels like something is possible! In the next few weeks, we will open the framework for our customers to begin constructing their personal apps. And now that we’ve considered what our developers have been able to come up with in simply two days, we know that our users will build extremely good apps that we didn’t even dream of before.

3. There is much more to come!

As a reminder, 20 monday apps had been created during our 2-day remote hackathon. Even without being a maths whizz that capacity helped us to acquire more than thirteen WFH apps coming your way over the next few weeks.

We think that we’ve built up the suspense, here are the seven apps you’ve all been waiting to hear about:

  • Whiteboard: A collaboration area where you can brainstorm and create new ideas together.
  • Image Annotations: Add feedback immediately on any photo or report and turn remarks into action. You can also conduct your complete review cycles, using
  • Online Docs: View shared docs right from your preferred platform, with! Collaborate, add remarks, and view information easily.
  • Board Pivot: Collect all the information in any team or board to create summary reviews in a snap.
  • Working Status: Visualize your team’s capacity and availability so you can see who’s OOO, WFH, or whatever in between.
  • Word Cloud: Create visual word clouds out of any records to get a feel of trends briefly.
  • Team Updates: Never forget a birthday, anniversary, or team lunch again. Team updates will make sure that you’re in the loop on all team-related news.

These apps have been created with our clients in mind. We understand that WFH provides infinite challenges that teams around the world are only now gaining knowledge of how to manage. But with equipment that allows open communication, collaboration, transparency, and accountability, teams can proceed to be successful no matter where they are.

Over the subsequent weeks, we will share the Apps designed using monday apps, and explain how, and when, you will be able to start constructing monday apps of your own.

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