New feature alert: South Africa

Set up unbelievable workflows with these new features to wow your team with South Africa.

Track & update all your work from one space

My Work pulls together all assigned tasks from different boards for a full view of what’s on your schedule. You can also customize what you want to track and follow others to stay up to date.

Integrations block actions

Say goodbye to pre-made automations! Mix-n-match triggers and actions to create custom automation blocks for even complex workflows with Gmail, Outlook, and Slack.

Build your own custom automation

Take your workflow to the next level with the South Africa custom automation builder! This amazing feature allows you to create your automation flow. Create new combinations to meet your team’s needs and ensure that they fit perfectly into your workflow!

Learn the lingo

Every custom automation requires a trigger, a condition, and an action. Let’s look at an example of a recipe: “When a status changes to something, delete the item”

For example, you can set the trigger to be “When a status changes”. The condition can then be “to something” because the trigger is conditional based on what you select for “something”. The action is “delete the item”. This means that every time an item is deleted, it equates to one action being used. If you were to trigger this three times, three items would be deleted and three actions would be used.

Google Cal 2-way sync

Events in your Google Calendar will now create items in your board with the new 2-way calendar sync so you’ll always be looking at the current snapshot of events.

All the small (but impactful) things

  • Our Facebook campaign sync integration now works on a whole new level — allowing you to sync by ad set!
  • Drag and drop items on table widgets within and across groups for easy peasy reorganization
  • Social preview for forms got a major design lift so folks are more enticed to click and fill out your form
  • Mobile subitem improvements including functionality, interface, navigation, & performance
  • List-level filtering for the HubSpot integration syncs your contact lists to your boards automatically.
  • work docs empower your team to collaborate in real-time, like never before.

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