Tips for managing a remote team

Remote managing with South Africa. The world has welcomed remote working with open arms. We’re no longer spending hours in traffic or sitting at a desk surrounded by dozens of people. This also means that teams are now separated, leaving many employers and managers worried about whether this way of working is sustainable.

For many businesses, this change has allowed their business to improve. Remote workers have been ported to be more productive than when they were in the office, getting more done in a shorter timeframe. While this may be the case, it can be tricky to master the art of managing a remote team. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier and more manageable. South Africa- Remote Work

Manage teams no matter where they are in the world with South Africa.

6 tips for remote managing with 

  1. Establish rules of engagement

It is important to set guidelines for how your team communicates. When are video calls and meetings required, and when will a simple Teams message suffice? This while help to ensure effective communication, ensuring that your message receives the urgency required.

  1. Don’t overthink it

Digital communication lacks emotion, which means that it is easy to interpret things the wrong way. So, as a rule of thumb, assume that all communication is being sent with good intention – unless otherwise stated of course.

  1. Set clear expectations

When it comes to deadlines and turnaround times, your team needs to know what is due when, and ensure that their part of the task has been dealt with before then. This is another opportunity to create a framework or set of guidelines to assist this process.

  1. Create a routine

The same way you would in an office, set a routine. Clock-in and out times are important, as well as regular breaks. When it comes to setting meetings, try to stick to a certain time of the day. This will ensure that everyone follows a schedule and always stays on track. This is something that you can easily set up and track on South Africa. We recommend setting up time tracking to see what people are spending their time on.

  1. Know when to make the move to video

If you see a never-ending email thread, or if a Teams chat is going around in circles, it may be more efficient to simply call all involved and have a quick, impromptu video call to straighten things out.

  1. Your words are more important than ever

When you communicate with your team, you need to be able to share what needs to be done and why it needs to be done. Getting people onto the same page as you is important, as it will ensure that the project or task is completed the way that it was initially envisioned.


When it comes to remote working, it’s all about creating a structure that people can follow. This will ensure that productivity remains high without needing to micromanage your team.

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