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Having worked on a project, you know the ability of teams to work together well is essential. Communicating with different teams and business units regardless of location is a skill that many of us need to work on. Luckily, in the digital age where everything is connected, there are many ways to communicate and collaborate effectively.


Get ready for remote working with South Africa South Africa makes remote work and collaborating easy

Using to collaborate with your team acts as a central hub when it comes to managing business processes, and more specifically, projects. Dashboards provide insight into everything that you need to know. Different boards can act as a platform for teams to collaborate. For example, when working on a major pitch, it is important to know what each team member is responsible for.  As well as the status of their tasks. This allows the next person to pick up where the task was left off, and they will be able to add their comments to the tasks. Documents can even be attached to each task for ease of reference.

Remote working software South Africa is leading the way in collaboration

Microsoft Teams joins forces with – letting you collaborate with South Africa

Many businesses are using Microsoft Teams to communicate with one another and schedule meetings. It is no longer a matter of popping into a boardroom to discuss ongoing projects, instead, you schedule a Teams meeting where everyone has a chance to have their say. allows for the integration of Microsoft Teams to allow seamless communication when it comes to certain projects. This is done by linking boards to Microsoft Teams. In addition to this, you can set up automations that send project update notification messages to the Teams chat linked to the board related to the project. It sounds kind of complicated, but basically, the boards on are the brain of the operation. You can teach them to do almost everything, helping you save time and money. South Africa + MS Teams.

There is no reason not to communicate – collaborate with South Africa

To reiterate our point, collaboration and communication drive the success of any project. Teams need to be able to reach out to one another, share thoughts and ideas and create one consolidated outcome. Even if you are in the same building, sending a quick update using will have everyone on the same page in no time.

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Once you have an active account Syscor can assist with a full consulting and professional services stack, including:

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Syscor is a sales, installation, and support partner to, having completed many successful projects on  Thus making us very experienced.  Syscor has clients that range from Tanzanian Banks to small manufacturing businesses in South Africa, for instance. Our reach is completely continental.

Syscor’s Consulting team are all qualified to deliver a full installation and support offering, meaning we offer turn-key services.  We will gladly share any referrals, in order to give you peace of mind. So you can embark on your journey, with confidence.

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