Support Automation South Africa is saving teams 10 hours per week, per employee.

Delivering world-class support is critical to every business, as it should be. But how much of it really needs to be driven by a human being, by resources that could be better utilised building relationships and delivering true-value?

Studies have shown that as much as 40% of all service and support processes can, and should, be automated, setting your teams free to perform strategically.

With Automation, service and support processes can be dealt with instantly and without error, time and again.

Support Automation South Africa – Use cases

Successful use cases have been deployed to completely automate the following service and support functions:

Email responses
FAQ responses
Ticket Acceptance, management and closure
Support and Technical Workflow Activations
CRM & ERP updates
Data Capture
Job Card creation
Customer Survey Activation
Report Analytics

The Best Tasks to Automate?

Look for your teams’ most repetitive support tasks. This is where you’ll find the biggest gains from automation. Even, simply automating response emails, for example, can substantially reduce the admin stress on your team. Plot out all of your current support tasks, and pick out those which are both time-consuming and repetitive. Then automate them and be free to create.

Free your Support teams to #DoGreatThings in 2021 by Automating support processes.

Support Automation South Africa – How to start the Automation Journey.

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We can assist with automating your toughest business processes in any department, not just marketing.