IT automation South Africa is freeing IT teams from boring, mundane tasks and empowering them to deliver value-based, strategic functions.  IT automation will save you 10 hours per week, per IT employee.

Integrated, Automated Password Management

Core Password and Secure Reset provide a complete automated password management solution for secure password resets in your company. Core Password is the industry-leading solution for secure self-service password management. Secure Reset enables organizations to quickly and easily deploy multi-factor authentication through a full suite of out-of-band channels.  Including mobile app, SMS/text messaging, and telephone DTMF, and voice biometrics.

IT Automation South Africa – Enhanced Security and Decreased Reliance on IT

Passwords on their own do not adequately protect access to your data, systems, and applications. And organizations with manual password management have higher costs and increased security risks across their business. But companies that use a strong self-service password management solution decrease reliance on IT resources for labor-intensive password resets, enforce stronger password policies, and reduce potential access risks.

Multiple Access Options

With leading self-service password reset capabilities, Core Password offers multiple access options, robust service desk integration, and the ability to enforce consistent password policies for any system, application, or web portal. Core Security also offers a Rapid Development Kit, so organizations can quickly and easily develop their own connectors for platforms or applications.

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