In South Africa, is a Work Operating System (Work OS) which gives teams the power to run projects as well as workflows with confidence. It’s a simple, however intuitive, Work OS for teams that is used to shape workflows, adjust to shifting needs, create transparency, connect collaboratively as well as stop doing manual grunt work. This system makes teamwork click., in South Africa, gives teams the ability to construct build custom work applications for any workflow. You are able to construct your applications so that you have the ability to meet your specific operational requirements as well as make your platform incredibly valuable. From precise project planning to detailed jargon, in South Africa naturally modifies itself to be ‘to each unto their own’.

Where Can Be Used In South Africa?

In South Africa, can be used for anything – across teams, departments, leaders as well as organisations – and for all manner of projects and processes.
One of the greatest benefits of is that it can be used across all of platforms that you already used. Have a look at some of these commonly used tools in South Africa that the system can seamlessly integrate with:

  • Outlook: Automatically transform emails into action items that can be tracked and managed inside
  • Microsoft Teams: Embed boards into your MS Teams chats in order to enhance workflow capabilities.
  • Dropbox: Easily attach, share as well as preview files stored in your Dropbox from within
  • Zoom: Easily set Zoom calls within any board in order to communicate in context.
  • Google Calendar: Run your time more efficiently and remain up to date with all-important deadlines.
  • Google Drive: Access, attach as well as preview any file that is stored in your Drive directly from your boards.
  • Excel: Easily import as well as export any Excel sheet into a board with just a few clicks.

What Are The Benefits Of In South Africa?

In-Built Time Tracking

Tracking the time that your daily tasks take will assist you with analysing your team’s productivity or billing clients accurately for the work done. For precise project time tracking, the system allows you to add a Time Tracking column to your board.

Multiple Views For Your Boards

The system offers multiple views to assist you with customising your boards according to different team needs.

Visualise The Progress Of Projects With Gantt Charts

While the system doesn’t offer a dedicated Gantt chart feature, the platform offers a Gantt chart view with its Timeline column. Termed as the Timeline view, it gives you a visual representation of your tasks, assignees as well as deadlines. A project manager will be able to use this in order to monitor project progress easily. You are also easily able to update tasks directly from the Timeline and even filter it to show only the information that you need.

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Syscor is a sales, installation as well as support partner to We have completed many successful projects on the system, which makes us very experienced in the system. Syscor has clients who range from banks in Tanzania to small manufacturing businesses in South Africa. As you can see, our reach is completely continental.
Our consulting team is qualified to deliver a full system installation and support offerings. This means that we offer a turnkey solution.
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