South Africa | Implementing South Africa | implementing using Professional Services of a Partner means you get the full value of quickly, without having to go through a lengthy learning curve.

Are there different types of implementation services?

Yes, there are two types of set up-plans for in South Africa.

  1. Build and Deploy – You tell the Partner what you need from and they will build the system exactly how you want it.   The build includes Automations and Integrations.  This is best for companies that don’t want to learn how works but want the features and use of the system.
  2. Active Support – The client briefs the Partner on exactly what they want.  The Partner builds a prototype that is shown to the client and teams.   Any changes are built with the Partner and the client and the build is finished with the client’s Champion.  This works well with teams that want to learn how to build and change the system on their own. implemented within 21 Days

Normally a Certified Partner will be able to deliver a complete build within 21 days – start to finish. This includes automation, integrations, and workflows across many divisions

Is there a defined process for implementing

The process is:

  • Conduct a Process Engineering Workshop between the client and the certified consultants.
  • Build a Prototype platform
  • Make changes to the Prototype
  • Active Build between the client and the Partner
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Support

Start on in South Africa

Activating a journey in South Africa, and Africa alike is as easy as clicking a link and scheduling a call with Syscor, which means you will be up and running in no time.

Click this link for a guide on Signing up to in South Africa and Africa, or click this link to activate an account or hit this link to schedule a call with Syscor.

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