ChatBot South Africa

ChatBot requests are growing daily South Africa, as they become more and more popular.

Delivering a sophisticated, Natural Language Processing (NLP) ChatBot solution in South Africa is a highly complex process requiring lots of understanding and refinement.

Conversational AI ChatBots deliver completely natural conversations, so much so that it’s impossible to differentiate between a human and Digital Agent.

Digital Agents, through #machinelearning analyse data and previous conversations to consistently deliver human-like experiences.

Developing a Chatbot on this level of functionality required Syscor to combine the most refined #ai Apps and minds available.

The core of next-gen #chatbots and #complai processing is built on Google’s leading AI, Data, Web, Mobile, and Reporting Apps such as  #dialogflow, #googlecloud, #bigquery, #firebase, these apps are then stitched together using complex algorithms developed by the world-class team at teraflowai.

Workflow on South Africa

#workflow, is delivered on #mondaydotcom

Syscor worked tirelessly to bring the #chatbot to life and to deliver #automation, increased revenues, decreased OPEX and improved efficiencies with every installation.

Chatbot Professional Services

We offer full turnkey Professional Services including:

  • Process engineering
  • Workflow design
  • Workspace development
  • Customisation
  • App integration
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Support

Syscor is a ChatBot, AI and Automation sales, implementation and, installation business and we have completed many, successful implementations.  Syscor has use-cases that range from Tanzanian Banks to small manufacturing organisations in  South Africa making our reach truly continental.

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